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In the season five of prison break Dominic Purcell who played a (Lincoln Burrows ) got to know from William Fichtner who played an (Alex Mahone ) Role that his Brother ( Michael Scofield ) who died in the final break is still alive and then Lincoln Burrows tried to find his little brother. From his research ( Lincoln Burrows ) got to know that his brother is in           (Ogygia prison ) middle east.

Lincoln Burrows share this information with friends and the closed ones then Amaury Nolasco who played a ( Fernando Sucre ) role decide to go with lincoln to find Michael Scofield.         But in the middle east war was happening. Lincoln somehow got an entry in Jail and then he found his brother in that jail then lincoln tell his brother that he will get him out of the jail. Then they all make a plan to get out of the jail. They somehow shut down the power supply of the jail and then he escaped from that jail. when COPS got to know that some of the prisoners broken the security to escape then they go behind them and then the war begin between the prisoners and the Cops. In this season it’s gonna be too exciting to watch Michael alive and the breaking of Ogygia prison.

prison break season 5 escape

Prison Break on Television :

Prison Break series originally networked by Fox Network. But in the starting, this series broadcast by the Global network before got broadcast on fox network. Prison Break series got a higher achievement in the publicity. This series got viral and achieved the top Television series in Canada in the starting.This season is gonna be so exciting because of its full of suspense. The main excitement of this season is the return of Michael Scofield and the Rescue from Ogygia prison.

The first and second Season of prison break premiered in the United States and the third season premiered in France  First season got 470,000 viewers when its firstly broadcast in Hongkong and then in the second season viewers reduce in large amount. In the second season, prison break got 270,000 viewers. After releasing on television series  Fox Home entertainment decided to release this fantastic series in DVD and in Blu-ray. This series is the first television show to be released on Blu-Ray by Fox Home Network.DVD set containing 3 seasons of prison break which is launched in 2008. Then the Television movie, prison Break: the final break launched which included the season 4 of a break.Then after the prison break: the final break movie launched later season 4 got launched in 2009 in June and now after so many years season 5 is going to launched on 4 April 2017.

The final break launched which included the season 4 of a break.Then after the prison break: the final break movie launched later season 4 got launched in 2009 in June and now after so many years season 5 is going to launched on 4 April 2017. It’s a very sentiment series to watch. I’m too much excited to watch the comeback of Michael Scofield.

Prison Break Season 5: Reboot 

In this new season who is definitely coming back is Michael Scofield and this Big brother Lincoln Burrows. It already confirmed in the interview with both of the member and also mentioned by Fox Home network.

Main Starring cast of Prison Break

  1. Michael Scofield      –    Wentworth Miller
  2. Lincoln Burrows      –    Dominic Purcell
  3. Fernando Sucre      –    Amaury Nolasco
  4. Theodore ‘T-Bag’     –     Robert Knepper
  5. Benjamin Miles       –    Rockmond Dunbar
  6. Dr. Sara Tancredi     –     Sara Wayne Callies
  7. A&W                       –     Marina Benedict
  8. Van Gogh                –     Steve Mouzakis
  9. Mike Scofield           –     Christian  Michael cooper
  10. Jacob Anton Ness     –      Mark Feuerstein
  11. Abu Ramal               –      Numan Acar
  12. Mustapha                 –      Bobby Naderi
  13. Henry Kishida           –      Curtis Lum
  14. Cyclops                    –      Amin El Gamal
  15. Heather                    –      Crystal Balint
  16. Zakat                        –      Michael  Benyaer
  17. Urchin                       –      Karim Fahmy
  18. Omar                         –      Akin Gazi
  19. Andrew Nelson           –      Devin Mackenzie
  20. Yasser                       –      Lee Majdoub
  21. Luca                          –      Leo Rano
  22. Jamil                         –      Faran Tahir
  23. Yemen Forger             –      Tony Ali
  24. Cross Cellmate           –     David Hardware
  25. Jacob’s Father             –     Mac Dodge
  26. Cross                          –     T.J Ramini
  27. Luca’s Associate          –     James Neate
  28. Hares                          –     Nigel Vonas
  29. Mohammad El Tunis     –   Waleed Zuaiter
  30. Brian                            –     Billy wickman
  31. Paul Kellerman             –     Paul Adelstein

Prison Break Season 5 Release Date and Air Date in UK US Canada


After 10 years the most popular thrilling prison escape TV Series came back in April 2017 known as Prison Break. As you know in this series there are two brothers who fight for each other. One of the younger brother named Michael Scofield who is the professionally structured engineer who inked prison escape plan on his body and enters in jail where his brother already stuck and soon he will be executed.

So Many of Die hard fans of prison break waiting for the next season 5 that will be the greatest hit of April cause according to news In prison break season 5 Michael Scofield is back and he is some prison. One of his prisoner friends told his big brother that he is alive and is in somewhere in prison. Now million of people waiting for the releasing date and exciting to watch the new season of prison break. So today we are going to share the releasing date and all the details about a prison break. You can find this details on many sites but we can provide the best description of the releasing date.

On the another hand when prison break came into Netflix there is huge hike when they release prison break on their services causes people really love to watch this TV Series on Netflix. Now there are millions of Netflix users who waiting for this prison break season 5. But eventually, they firstly release the prison break season 5 on FOX Channel where they start their journey. now this prison break is released on April 4, 2017, and people are really going crazy for this tv series.we can share the releasing date of prison break season 5 for the UK or Canada users and also show the FOX Channel releasing date.

Biggest Twist in Prison Break Season 5:

Prison Break Season 5 Releasing Date Air Date
Prison Break Season 5 Releasing Date Air Date ( )

Many of people wondering about prison break season 5 that who is coming back. So guys hold your seats cause the biggest mastermind came back in season 5 named Micheal Scofield is came back in season 5. According to latest news in this series the main lead is his big bro who break the prison for his younger brother and get rid from the jail and it’s looking like same as that In previously Michael help his bigger bro and now his big brother turn to help him back and now there are more twist and more thrills in this season 5.

Prison Break Season 5 Releasing Date:

This is the thing that most of the people came to our site that they wanted to know when this series released and when on which channel so let me show some details that this prison break season 5 is released on  Tuesday, April 4 at 9 p.m on FOX Channel. Get ready for the blast in April cause in parallel fast 8 is also coming and these both are the biggest hit of the April and people are really waiting for it and exciting for the latest TV Series. Personally am really excited cause the 4 season of prison break is really great and I really love it how they show brothers love each other and do prison break and how smart are they.

Main Casting Team of prison Break season 5:

  • Wentworth Miller
  • Rockmond Dunbar
  • Robert Knepper
  • Amaury Nolasco
  • Dominic Purcell
  • Sarah Wayne Callies
  • Marina Benedict


In the end, according to my views, the season 5 of prison break is going to be the best and make a biggest hit in this April 2017. Personally, i am very excited to see whats going on the next season. Million searches of people are searching for the prison break season 5 so they first watch their episode and see what happened in next season and how Michael profile is still alive how he survives from the last episode cause he dies in season 4 and now they came back with the biggest twist that T-Bag report his big brother that he is alive and somewhere in jail.