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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 review: Ogygia

In the episode of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 T-Bag released from the prison and received a picture which makes him run away to the Lincoln because that picture belongs to Michael which is died. On the other end Lincoln ( Michael’s Brother ) Hiding from the gangster group in money case . Then suddenly T-Bag received at Lincoln’s house and show him his brother’s image, Firstly Lincoln didn’t believe on that photo. Then he Tries to find out the secret of that photo.He got to know that prison is in Yemen and the name of that prison is Ogygia.

Lincoln Goes to Sara’s Place ( Michael’s Wife ) to show her the image of Michael she also didn’t believe in that image. Lincoln goes to the Michaels’s Grave and Etch his grave and found only clothes and a name of the mysterious man ( Kaniel Outis ). While Lincoln is finding the secret of Michael image, on the other side T-Bag is asking his doctor to know who sponsored for the new mechanical hand and doctor said he only knew the name of that person, not more than that and the name is ( Kaniel Outis ).

Now the main point is Who is kaniel Outis?

After finding the Blank grave and clothes of Michael in graveyard Lincoln got to know that something is wrong and suddenly a mysterious person is tried to kill Lincoln but luckily Lincoln got lucky and save himself. Then Lincoln contact Sara to tell her about this and suddenly a Black SUV arrived at Sara’s place and women with a gun. Sara’s save herself and his child by the killer but her new Husband got shot by her killer in his leg and the 911 arrives.

Lincoln says to Sara that something is missing, something which is we don’t know about Michael he asked to find the details about his but Sara refuses because her husband is in the hospital and his boy is in shocked because all of this and she didn’t believe that Michael is still alive. Lincoln says that he is going to Yemen to find Michael then Michael goes to the C-note and tell him about this, C-note contacted to Yemen’s prison and ask that is there any person whose name is Michael Scofield but they said that no one is here with this name. After searching the personal details of Michael on the internet they got to know that Michael Scofield’s record is replaced by any other person.

Lincoln make a plan to go to Yemen alone to find Michael but suddenly Sucre came to meet Lincoln and ask to come with him to find Michael and C-note also arrive at the airport to come along with Lincoln to find Michael. After reaches to Yemen, the wrong driver took him to the Building where they meet Terrorist who wants to kill them but they fight with them then suddenly Sheba ( C-note friend ) arrives to catch them and free them from that zone. Sheba set a meeting on her home with Omar ( Sheba’s friend ) which is a mediator to get an entry in ogygia prison but Umar trades American Passport for this. After entering in the ogygia they got to know that there is no Michael Scofield.

After entered in the ogygia they got to know that there is no Michael Scofield
after showing Michael’s image to the guard he said that this person is Kaniel outis Lincoln and c-note asked to meet him and shocked to see Michael there but Michael refuses that he is not Michael Scofield.

Now, what is Happening?
Is this Michael is real?

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