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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 review: The Liar

This Episode is full of suspense. The main confusion is “Are the Breaking Out  Michael Scofield or Daniel Out “Michael is making a plan to escape from the Ogygia Prison. Michael obtains Gold watch from one of the guards and planting it to Ramal so that he will be retained during an escape. In Night when light turns off, Michael and His Cellmates tries to escape from prison then Ramal race to Michael’s cell because Michael Promised him that he will help him to escape from Foggia prison, When Michael reached Michael’s cell he saw that Michaels is running without him and suddenly guards reached there and everyone get caught by guards and the plan to escape ruined.

On the Other side Sara ( Michael’s wife ) mixed up in something big, Sara’s phone Hacked by CIA and later   it Discovered by Sara, Sara followed by CIA Agent because they want information about Michael, didntAgents tried to kill her but she got lucky to escape from there didn’t get caught then she contacted T-Bag and tell him that Kellerman is behind this and ask to investigate.

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One side Michael and Sara stucked with their problems, On the other side Lincoln and Sheba who is helping them to get Fake passports to get out from that Yemen got caught by ISIL and Cyclops who tried to rape Sheba but luckily Lincoln escaped from the room and kill cyclops and help Sheba to escape from that zone.

Everything is so messy in this Episode 3. The whole plan to Escape from Ogygia and Yemen is ruined and the End is very Sad. Michael stucked very Badly this time in Ogygia prison and Ramal vows him that he will kill him because he betrayed him, Michael uses the last battery of cell phone to record a video for his wife Sara to say goodbye.Hold Your Breath because  Michael watches his eye tattoo in the end scene maybe there is something which is still hidden, so many secrets are still to reveal. Again a Big suspense created for Prison Break  Fans in Episode 3.

Now the Question is!

Is Michael gonna Die?

Is Sara got sucked in something Big?

Is Lincoln will lucky to rescue his Brother from ogygia and get out from Yemen?


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