Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4: The Prisoner’s Dilemma


The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Ramal with Escape tools

ISIL continues the attack in Sana’s to get Ramal out of that prison. Cross convince the other prisoners to capture Ramal and use him as bargaining. Michael, Ramal, and his cell mates kept on the inner side of the prison. Cross and other prisoners make a plan to use Ramal and kill Michael and his cellmates. Ramal is in the solitary cell with the hidden escape tools.

Caught By Jihadists

Ramal, Michael, Ja, and whip are able to escape just as Cross and other prisoners break into the solitary, But maybe it’s not a Happy point of a breakout because they all caught by ISIL and Ramal plan to kill Michael and other ones. But Lincoln Intervenes and kill all Jihadists and whip kills Ramal. Michael, Lincoln and his mates all got to hide in the house and then the news play on Tv about Ramal’s Death, after the Ramal’s death, ISIL declared a war.

Poseidon operatives attack T-Bag and Kellerman

Meanwhile, T-Bag confronts Kellerman who denies Poseidon and then suddenly they got attacked by Poseidon operatives. , As we all know about T-Bag, he manages to escape but killermen killed by a van cough.

Photos by T-Bag

T-Bag Pursues and manages to take photos of Van cough and A&W with ness (Sara’s Husband). Now, this is gonna be interesting. Stay tuned to know what happen next.

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