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contacted by Poseidon

Lincoln forced to reveal the truth then Michael said that he was contacted by Poseidon before his wedding with Sara, Poseidon revealed that Kellerman did not have authority to exonerate Michael’s team and offering legitimate exonerations in exchange for Michael’s fake death and asked to hide the truth from everyone and work for Poseidon. Michael accepted the deal of Poseidon. That’s the whole truth of Poseidon and kaniel outis.

Hiding from ISIL

Hiding from ISIL Michael and team decided to go Train station to leave Yemen but the plan goes wrong and attacked by ISIL but they got lucky to run away from Train station then they decided to go Airport.

C-note Sheba and her mates waiting for Michael and Lincoln

Meanwhile, C-Note and Sheba and her mates arrives airport before ISIL, C-Note, and Sheba save pilot from ISIL who agrees to fly them abroad then they wait for Michael and Lincoln But the ISIL start Blocking the runway so pilot decides to fly before Michael and party arrives when Michael and Lincoln reached airport they saw plane flew because ISIL Blocking the runway .

A&W and Van Gogh arrested

On the other side, T-Bag shows all the photos to Sara who confronts Jacob, But Jacob proves that he is not involved in this whole scene and having A&W and Van Gogh arrested.

Now, this is so confusing plane flew Michael and Lincoln stuck in Yemen and Sara mixed up in something, Is Ness really not involved in these. stay tune to know what happen next.

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