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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 2 review: Kaniel Outis     

    Michael is Finding ways to get out from Ogygia

In the Second Episode of Prison Break Michael Scofield is finding ways to get out from Ogygia prison and the other person from his cell also helping him to Break the prison. But a confusing scene happening in this Episode, In the last episode Michael Scofield is ignoring Lincoln ( Big Brother ) and claiming not to know him but in this episode, Michael Scofield is sending a message to Lincoln that Finds the sheik of the light he will help to release him.

Lincoln, C-Note and the lady from Yemen help Lincoln to get the details of the sheik of the light he got to know that the person belongs to the other city which is full of terrorist, They decided to go there and find that person to help Michael. He Helps a person to get his daughters from that city and got lucky to rescued from that city which is full of terrorist.

On the other side, Michael got a cellphone in prison which helps him to send a message to Sara ( Michael’s wife )in America. Michael wrote (Hide Everyone Storm is Coming )

But the End is so confusing The Terrorist who is destroying the city enters In jail to kill some prisoners and he hugged Michael and ask him when he is going out from that prison, Now this episode also creates a great suspense for Prison Break Fans. Because if Abu Ali who is a well-known terrorist and ruling that city so why he is not helping him to get out Michael from ogygia and one more question ” How Michael and Abu Ali know each other “

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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 2

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