How to watch Prison Break Season 5 Online Free in India



Here I am going to tell you that how to watch Prison Break season 5  online Free in India. The Season is produced by 20th century Fox Television. The season 5 aired on 4th April  2017. I tried to watch this on fox official website but in India, they don’t allow to watch that particular series online now you’ll say that don’t you have any option to watch season 5 online, yes my friends I have options. I used a proxy to access the fox official website to watch the episode of prison break season 5.

Most of the people already know about proxy. If anyone doesn’t know what proxy can do so I can tell you what proxy do. proxy helps you to change the geographic location and help to access the websites which are not allowed by govt etc .with the help of proxy you can change ur location and access the website easily within seconds.

Steps to watch Online Prison Break Season 5:

I use my favorite BROWSEC Extension of chrome to watch the episode from the official site of fox and it helps me perfectly.There are so many extensions and so many sites who is providing links to watch the episodes but most of them are just junk.Everyone is saying click on this link to download or watch online Episodes of the prison break season 5 but none of the links is working.

I tried most of them but none of them are working, So make it simple to watch online episodes easily, just add any of your fav extension on chrome or use any proxy application or software to access the site and boom enjoy the episodes of prison break season  5 in India in free of cost and one more thing If you want to download the whole series of Prison Break just download it from Torrent ( )

I’m trying to provide the whole details of Prison Break in this website, so


Until I month ago, I had never attracted with series but when I decided to watch this series i was like wow , That wow moment then i got to know why everyone is very excited and addicted with prison Break , After watching of Frist episode of “Prison Break season 1 ”  that one episode created a big suspense in me and now here I am now continuously watching this series back to back  ( haha ) .

And now Fox is a comeback with Prison Break season 5 with a Great suspense of comeback of Michael Scofield.


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